nucs for sale

BGSV Nuc Program

The Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia is on the leading edge of sustainable beekeeping. We have established a Guild Nucleus Colony (Nuc) Program to assist beekeepers, new and experienced, in getting started in beekeeping, expanding beekeeping operations and replacing lost hives. This exciting program matches beekeepers who have nucleus colonies of honey bees for sale or exchange with beekeepers who desire to exchange or purchase nucs. The nucs are locally grown, fully populated with a laying queen, brood in all stages of development and a robust workforce with stored honey and pollen; they are ready for foraging and 100% state inspected for health. The Guild Nuc Program enables beekeepers to obtain healthy colonies adapted to our local climate without the fear of importing pests or diseases into our area. What an exciting opportunity for beekeeping enthusiasts! 

To support the Nuc Program, The Guild has established a Nuc Coordinator position. The Nuc Coordinator, Baily Bunn, is charged with establishing liaison between those who have nucs for sale and those who potentially desire to purchase nucs. This program will facilitate the identification of the exact specifications desired by specific buyers and match the buyer to the appropriate nuc producer. For example, buyers may specify the size and type of foundation (plastic or wood frames, deep or medium depth). Stephen will match the buyer with the producer on a first-come, first-served basis. Nuc producers set their own prices and terms.

If you have nucs to sell or if you wish to buy nucs, please contact the Nuc Coordinator with your requirements and she will be happy to assist you.