Dr. James Wilson

Extension Apiculturist, Virginia

Dr. James Wilson joined the Virginia Tech faculty in January 2017 as the Extension Apiculturist for Virginia.  His focus includes many Extension efforts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, teaching the Bees and Beekeeping class, Insects in Human Society class on campus, and serving as the faculty advisor to the Beekeepers student club at Virginia Tech.  In his Extension efforts he works with growers, gardeners, naturalists, beekeepers, educators, and Extension Agents throughout the Commonwealth. In the field and in class, James is committed to bringing the principles of integrated pest management to beekeeping, as well as working with the public to re-emphasize the importance of pollinators in agriculture and sustainable ecosystems.  He also maintains Virginia Tech’s research and teaching apiaries and is looking forward to expanding the impact of Apiculture Extension throughout Virginia and the surrounding states. For more information on the Virginia Tech Apiculture Extension program, please go to The Bee Group at VT.