tbh-book-coverUpdate 26 November 2012 | Dr. Wyatt Mangum just published a new ‘chapter’ to his top bar hive book as a web page.  The chapter is on screen floor top-bar hives, very detailed, about 6,000 words and 30 photographs.  Top bar hive beekeepers should find it useful and possibly frame hive beekeepers too, particularly those using screened bottom boards.  You can read more at Dr. Mangum’s web site or view the chapter itself here.

The Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia was privileged to have Dr. Wyatt Mangum of the University of Mary Washington as our guest speaker at our August Membership meeting.  Dr. Mangum's presentation was on Low-Cost, Sustainable Top Bar Hives.

Dr. Mangum has kept bees since the age of ten.  During high school he had 125 colonies, producing honey by the ton.  Dr. Mangum became a technician working with bees at North Carolina State University, a position he held for 11 years.  His PhD is in genetics with an emphasis in honey bee genetics.

Dr. Mangum is renowned in the United States through his column on honey bee biology in the American Bee Journal and by numerous articles in other journals.  He also takes photographs of bee behavior rarely seen by most beekeepers.

By traveling extensively, Dr. Mangum has studied exotic bee species and their parasites around the world.  Dr. Mangum continues his bee work with an international and historical approach.  He manages 200 top-bar hive colonies, mostly for crop pollination, queen rearing and breeding, as well as research.

Dr. Mangum has just published his book, Top Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom & Pleasure Combined.  This $45 book is a comprehensive Top Bar Hive book:  421 big pages, 8 ½ by 11 inches, 12 Chapters, 350+ photographs most color, except 24 infrared pictures of nocturnal wildlife in his apiaries, seen in Black & White, groundbreaking beekeeping photography. The book shows how to build Top Bar Hives up to five-feet long, various sugar syrup feeders, queen cages, queen excluders, queen mating nucs, even pollen traps and more.

Dr. Mangum's book is available directly from him on his web site.  It is not available elsewhere.

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